Les libres penseurs risquent encore la peine de mort dans 13 pays

The IHEU Freedom of Thought Report 2013 has been published online today at its dedicated website freethoughtreport.com/download-the-report.

[FULL press release on IHEU.org :

It is the first report focusing specifically on the rights, legal status, and discrimination against Humanists, atheists and the non-religious in every country in the world.

The report found that:
You can be put to death for expressing atheism in 13 countries
In 39 countries the law mandates a prison sentence for blasphemy, including six western countries
The non-religious are discriminated against, or outright persecuted, in most countries of the world

A new report launching today, Tuesday, examines every country in the world for legal discrimination and human rights violations which specifically affect atheists, humanists and the non-religious.
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